Vehicle Diagnostic in Tilbury, Kent & Essex | Comprehensive Testing

Since our establishment in 1987, Essex Diesel Injection Services has become a foremost provider of vehicle diagnostic checks in the Essex and Kent areas. Based in Tilbury, our reputation for outstanding service sees motorists from far and wide travel to our workshop. Whether it’s for the expertise our personnel have gained through their shared trade experience of 45 years, or the fact that we turnaround 75% of jobs on the same day that receive them, Essex Diesel Injection Services has long been the region’s number-one choice for diesel fuel injection services and vehicle diagnostic checks.

Vehicle diagnostic services play a vital role in maintaining the optimal performance of modern vehicles. With the vast majority of new vehicles coming with an ECU (engine control unit) fitted as standard, our specially trained Tilbury-based engineers can find faults with your vehicle more efficiently than ever.

Our vehicle diagnostic services include:

  • Specially designed diagnostic equipment for diesel vehicles
  • Checks on domestic, commercial and agricultural vehicles
  • State-of-the-art common rail injector extractors
  • Time-served expertise in diesel pump diagnostics

To book a vehicle diagnostic check with us in Tilbury, or for more information about our service, please contact us.

Vehicle Diagnostic Checks | What to Expect

Whether we carry out vehicle diagnostic checks on a private vehicle, an HGV or farm machinery, Essex Diesel Injection Services ensures that our clients receive nothing but the very best.

Below, we have outlined what our clients can expect when bringing their vehicle to our Tilbury workshop for vehicle diagnostic checks.

  • Whether a client’s vehicle has an illuminated dashboard light or is experiencing an altered driving experience, we use the latest in vehicle diagnostic technology to find the source of the problem as quickly as possible
  • By plugging our equipment directly into the necessary ECU (some vehicles have several individual units), our engineers can decipher the seemingly baffling codes in order to advise the necessary repairs
  • Timely vehicle diagnostic checks undertaken by our Tilbury-based engineers can resolve technical issues such as ABS brakes, airbag faults and engine management problems

The complete vehicle diagnostic service we provide ensures vehicles of any kind continue to perform to an optimum, safe level.

We advise our clients in Tilbury and the wider Essex and Kent areas to never ignore or put off visiting us if a light on their dashboard illuminates. Early diagnosis of a problem can play a vital role in preventing a small issue becoming a big problem.

Our vehicle diagnostic checks are competitively priced, as are any necessary repairs that might be uncovered in the process. From replacement fuel pumps to new injectors, Essex Diesel Injection Services provides a solution that meets the budget of any client.

For an insight into the vehicle diagnostic services we provide, as well as our range of other services and products, please visit the gallery page.

For more information regarding vehicle diagnostic checks in Tilbury and the wider Essex & Kent areas, call 01375 390143.

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